Laboratory of Information Photonics
  Department of Information and Physical Sciences,
  Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University


Laboratory of Information Photonics

In contrast to natural science unraveling the principles and the laws of the nature, science and technologies treating man-made artificial systems become important. Information science is nothing but the key academic field and various approaches are advancing. Especially, in the current world, importance of theories, systems, and software is recognized. Against the background, our laboratory proceeds researches and education focussing on "Information Photonics" in which "Light" familiar with our lives and having great potentials is utilized. Our goals are to master the use of "Light" and to present methodologies for solving a wide range of problems in the real world. We are developing new technologies and demonstration systems based on photonics, information science, image science, molecular biology, mathematical engineering, etc. Through these researches, we expect students will acquire abilities in both the natural and the artificial sciences required in a forthcoming society.

What's New
We gave the following invited talk at 2018 Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Symposium in Optics for Intelligent Information Science & Technology: Biophotonics & Agricultural Photonics.
   Tanida: Application of Machine Learning for Optical Sensing and Imaging through Scattering Media

Three undergraduate students and three graduate students joined our laboratory.

The following paper was published in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.
   Ogura et al.: Microscale optical cryptography using a subdiffraction-limit optical key

The following paper was published in Royal Society Open Science.
   Shimomura et al.: Photothermal fabrication of microscale patterned DNA hydrogels

We gave the following talk at SPIE Photonics West 2018 BIOS.
   Ogura et al.: Photonically driven DNA nanomachine with hybrid functions towards cell measurement

We gave the following talk at The 7th Korea-Japan Workshop on Digital Holography and Information Photonics (DHIP2017).
   Ogura et al.: Three dimensional structure of subdiffraction limit optical patterns [invited]
   Takagi et al.: Object recognition through a multi-mode fiber based on machine learning

We gave the following invited talk at The International Conference on Advances in Optics and Photonics (ICAOP-2017).
   Horisaki: Computational holography through random diffraction

We gave the following plenary talk at Seminario Ciencia de Imágenes e Inteligencia Computacional, Nuevos Sistemas, Aplicaciones y Desafíos en la era Big Data.
   Horisaki: A personal tour of computational imaging

The following paper was published in Applied Optics.
   Horisaki et al.: Learning-based single-shot superresolution in diffractive imaging

We gave the following talk at Third International Conference on Photonics Solutions (ICPS2017).
   Nishimura, et al.,: A molecular-sized optical logic circuit for digital modulation of a fluorescence signal

We gave the following talk at OSJ-OSA Joint Symposia.
   Horisaki et al.: Single-pixel diffractive imaging with compressive sensing

We gave the following talk at The 2017 International Conference on Optical Instrument and Technology (OIT' 2017).
   Horisaki: Computational holography with random diffraction

The following paper was published in Optical Review.
   Nishimura et al.: Experimental assessment and analysis of super-resolution in fluorescence microscopy based on multiple-point spread function fitting of spectrally demultiplexed images

We gave the following talk at The 23rd International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming (DNA23).
   Nishimura, et al.: A photonic DNA processor using ex- citation energy transfer-based signaling
   Shimomura, et al.: Photo-induced formation of DNA hydrogel using quenchers

We gave the following talk at The Twelfth Japan-Finland Joint Symposium on Optics in Engineering (OIE' 17).
   Ogura, et al.: Performance evaluation of subdiffraction-limit light sheets [invited]
   Shimomura, et al.: Quantitative evaluation of DNA hydrogel growth induced by light

The following paper was published in Applied Optics.
   Horisaki et al.: Subpixel reconstruction for single-shot phase imaging with coded diffraction

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